Nov 18 2007

WordPress plugins

Tag: Web,WordpressAbhijeet Maharana @ 2:26 am

Just gave the site a face lift with a modified version of the 82 theme by Alex Sancho and added a couple of WordPress plugins to my setup.

  1. PlugInstaller
    For installing plugins, you typically download the plugin archive to your machine. You then use FTP to upload it to your server and extract the contents to a subfolder of wp-content/plugins. PlugInstaller gets rid of this hassle by allowing you to install plugins using the download URL of the plugin archive. No more downloading and FTPing. You can also install from a plugin archive on your computer. It also allows you to activate/deactivate plugins and automatically check for updated versions of the installed plugins.

  2. OneClick Installer
    This one allows you to install plugins and themes as well from download URLs or archives on your computer. It can also check for updates. Version 0.9 includes installation from remote URLs and a Firefox extension.

  3. Random Redirect
    This one allows you to add a link to your blog which opens up a random post.

  4. Sticky Menu
    It allows you to create menus that link to internal content or external URLs.

  5. WP-Syntax
    Recommended for anyone posting code on their blog. It adds nice formatting with line numbers. It even allows you to specify the language and formats the code accordingly.

  6. BackUpWordPress
    My favourite as it allows me to backup my entire WordPress installation including the database into a neat archive. You can even schedule automatic backups and have them e-mailed to an address. It also adds itself to the WordPress admin dashboard and tells you the backup status of your blog. Highly recommended.