Nov 27 2010

Android goodies – bumping and more

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I got an android phone recently – Samsung Captivate – and it looks very good so far. Have been playing with it ever since I got it. There is this application that a friend introduced me to – Bump. The premise – if Bump is installed on 2 phones, just bump them against each other to share contact info and social networking invites. Seems very simple. But like everything else that we take for granted – this seems simple only after the people at Bump technologies made it so. There are some kinks in the application but they should be ironed out soon. I have a very strong feeling that this concept will become a defacto feature in most smartphones to come – and bumping is how we will exchange our contact information. The folks at Bump – good work!

In an issue that seems common in android phones, it stops downloading anything from the Android Market. Irritating as it is, different people had different things fix it for them – factory reset being one of them. I tried a factory reset and it wouldn’t let me. Bummer! If you are in the same situation, what do you do now? Well, the solution to the market issue has been posted at androidcentral. I am reproducing the post by ‘thedroidblog’ for making it part of my notes. I didn’t try the factory reset after this. Not in a mood to lose my customizations just yet.

I found this and seems to have fixed my Market download issue:

1. go to your settings
2. select “applications”
3. then select “manage applications”
4. press menu and select “filter” then “All”
5. scroll down to:

a) “Checkin Service” then select “clear data”
b) “Download Manager” then select “clear data”
c) “Google Apps” then “clear data”
d) “Google Talk Service” then select “clear data”
e) ” Market” then select “clear cache”

Nov 27 2008

Mumbai 26/11

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Update (27/11): Help Mumbai page with all relevant phone numbers:

There is a lot of trouble in Mumbai, India right now. There are terrorists throughout the city and if you switch the television on at this moment (2 AM), you will lose your nerves. If you want to touchbase with your dear ones here but are not able to get through, leave a message with your and your friend’s numbers. I will try to get through to them as frequently as I can. If you are in Mumbai and can help folks, try and answer the queries here or leave your number here.

Blood needed at various hospitals (source: IBN live stream):
St. George’s hospital: (022) 22620242
JJ Hospital: (022) 23739031

CNN IBN Live Streaming:
DFAT emergency number: 1300 555 135 (via @AnneBB)
Mumbai police telephone numbers:
Wikipedia article:

Update: There are people at MumbaiHelp who can help as well