Mar 14

OpenGL workshop and nostalgia

Tag: Workshops/SeminarsAbhijeet Maharana @ 8:57 pm

I conducted a workshop on OpenGL today. It was in the same college where I completed my Engineering, SFIT Borivali. I had done it for the first time in 2003. And I remember how nervous I was because I was in the 2nd year and almost everyone who participated was a senior! Although everyone was from 2nd year this time, it wasn’t much different. I was as nervous when I started off because I had done this 3 years back and couldn’t go through the content even once. However I had saved all the material used earlier and this saved me lots of time.

I was nostalgic all the time. Same college, same labs, not the same machines but I had worked on these machines before moving out. Brought back all those memories. All new faces but the same curiosity which made me spend an entire semester struggling to figure out how VC++ 6 is different from Turbo C and why Turbo C won’t compile the OpenGL programs that I had downloaded! And how GLUT came to my rescue before my curiosity died while meddling with the Windows API! In the rush to make a living by working on stuff that the industry pays for, that curiosity has had to take a backseat after I got out from college. But it felt very nice to get back after such a long time! If someone could pay for my material needs while I did this, nothing like it!

Ajesh came along to help the participants. Thanx a ton man! He clicked a few snaps. Ill put them up in the wokshops section. Now back to the present and back to the task at hand :)

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  1. Pritiranjan Jena says:

    I know now my confidence level will be increased by 1%, becoz always
    when i came to know some achievement of others which is always inspired
    me to do something more than tht…….
    Thank u bhai
    I want to know much more from you, that might be more………

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