Feb 23

VirtualBox: Disappearing mouse pointer over text

Tag: Virtualization,WindowsAbhijeet Maharana @ 11:24 am

I recently came across a virtual Windows XP setup with an annoying issue: mouse pointer disappears when over a text field / label. Text could be selected provided one knew where to start selecting.


  • Hardware: Dell Latitude D630 laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo 1.80 GHz
  • Host: Windows Vista Business 32-bit
  • VirtualBox: 1.5.0
  • Guest: Windows XP Pro 32-bit with Service Pack 2

Googling for “virtualbox disappearing pointer” showed that VirtualBox eats up the pointer far too often. Users had reported various issues from pointer disappearing completely to pointer disappearing after switching users. I also came across a “Disappearing mouse pointer over text” thread but it didn’t solve the problem.

With a few trials and errors, I found that changing the text pointer solves the issue. Though at this point, I can’t explain why.

  1. Go to Control Panel >> Mouse >> Pointers tab.
  2. Select “Text Select” under Customize and click on browse.
  3. Select a pointer other that the default such as “beam_r.cur”.

8 Responses to “VirtualBox: Disappearing mouse pointer over text”

  1. Ujesh says:

    Yea sab tu kaha se sikta hai be… Ur champ dude

  2. Abhijeet Maharana says:

    Thanx for appreciating buddy … I like the sound of it!
    Sab kuch net se aata hai … aur net me wapas chala jaata hai :)

  3. Vipul says:

    Maharana, jyada modest mat ban. Tu champ hai that is fact.

  4. Mr Paulie says:

    Cheers, sorted the issue.


  5. kris says:

    Thx, its help us lot.

  6. Arjan says:

    Abhijeet Maharana, you are great. I’ve been wondering why my mouse pointer took of at text area’s and your tip fixed it. Really weird, but this is a nice work-around. You saved me a lot of time figuring this out myself, so even if this is an old post, I’d really like to say THANKS!

  7. Abhijeet Maharana says:

    Arjan, thanks for dropping by and letting me know that you found it useful!

  8. moda says:

    Thanks a lot…

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